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Following an elephant into the blogosphere

10 Feb

Someone said they thought “Posterous” was a better platform than Blogger or WordPress… But then I read the recommendations my friend Steve (http://voiceinthedesert.org.uk/weblog/blog/) gave on themes for WordPress.

So, whilst always one for the novel approach to life, in this instance I prefer to follow the well worn path of an experienced blogger than launch out on the back of what the elusive “someone” may have said. As the Ga proverb rightly observes: “Kë onyië shuö sëë lë owuuu bö.”  – if you follow in the trail of an elephant, you do not get smeared with the dew.

I think I’ll take the dry route :-)

But that’s all I am going to manage for today. More will follow, I trust at some unspecified future point. No promises though…

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