Neil_Rees4These pages are where Neil Rees dialogs – with himself (yes, it is worrying!) and others – on living out Christian commitment in all of our life. Sold out on incarnation as a foundation for Christ-like life and ministry, Neil works to help other Christians engage with the world around us in culturally relevant and transparent ways.

Do you know Neil? Sat in on any of his teaching ever? Do feel free to leave a comment below :)

Neil’s teaching focuses on cultural aspects of biblical interpretation as well as cross-cultural skills for all walks of life. He loves languages and gives time each year to teach essential linguistics and language learning skills for charity and development workers.

Neil lived in Spain from 1985 till 2012, church planting, leading teams and then in his role as International Director for World Horizons. He moved back to the UK in September 2012 to take on the position of minister at CLM church, Ormskirk.

4He has one published book, “Not Everything In Our Bibles Is Inspired“, – also available direct from me for £3 including postage, or £5 for two copies. A second book, “Floorsweepers and Astronauts”, on mission support from the local church, co-authored with his brother Ian, is due to be published spring 2013.

Ah, and in case anyone is wondering about the title of this blog, have a look at Luke chapter fifteen, second verse. More on that another day perhaps.


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